Welcome to GM6KWU and associated AllStar nodes.

This Supermon web site is for monitoring and managing ham radio AllStar and app_rpt node linking and RTCM clients.

On the menu bar click on the node numbers to see, and manage if you have a login ID, each local node. These pages dynamically display any remote nodes that are connected to it. When a signal is received the remote node will move to the top of the list and will have a dark-blue background. The most recently received nodes will always be at the top of the list.

ASRG Allstarlink Information
We are currently going to be running 3 repeaters with Allstarlink capability. These repeater can be connected and disconnected to nodes around the world by means of DTMF codes sent from a radio with a DTMF keypad.

The intention is to have GB3AS, GB3EV and GB3VE connected on a semi-permanent basis to increase the chance of a QSO, also as an experiment we have GB3CU in west cumbria linked in, this is an allstar to digital gateway, the overall intention is to give almost continuous coverage in the north west of England and south west Scotland. We would like to avoid having the wider area nets connected in on a permanent basis, if a user wants to connect to one of these networks and have a QSO that is not a problem as long as they disconnect when they are finished.

Also currently we are experimenting with a hub system due to the low bandwidth internet at GB3AS in that all connections are being made to a radio less hub at my QTH with only one connection out to AS. Currently if you want to connect anything on a long term basis to AS please connect to Node 532250 which should be connected to AS and everything else. If you want to check the status of any of the Nodes you can go to and you will be able to view all the connections on the system.

User Instructions:
To connect to another allstar node type *3 followed by the node number
To connect to another echolink node type *33 followed by a 6 digit echolink node number. If you have a 4 or 5 digit node add leading 0s to make it 6 digits.
To disconnect nodes type *1 followed by the node number for allstar and *13 followed by the 6 digit number for Echolink. To work with another node send *4 then all future commands are executed on the remote node. Type # to exit command mode. e.g. If you are connected to AS and you want to connect to the HUB then connect the HUB to EV the command sequence will be *3532250 (connect AS to the Hub) *4532250 (remote command mode) *3582950 (connect 532250 to 582950) # (to terminate command mode)
If you connect to another node please disconnect when you have finished with it, this is of more importance if you are using a large network such as Hubnet or Freestar. If the node is left connected another Local QSO could be rebroadcast worldwide and cause disruption to other Hams.
Thank you