Welcome to GM6KWU and associated AllStar nodes.

This Supermon web site is for monitoring and managing ham radio AllStar and app_rpt node linking and RTCM clients.

On the menu bar click on the node numbers to see, and manage if you have a login ID, each local node. These pages dynamically display any remote nodes that are connected to it. When a signal is received the remote node will move to the top of the list and will have a dark-blue background. The most recently received nodes will always be at the top of the list.

GB3AS repeater is connected to the allstar network and to Echolink if you have a tranceiver with a DTMF keypad you can connect from the repaeter to any other Allstar or Echolink node worldwide.

To connect to another allstar node type *3 followed by the node number
To connect to another echolink node type *33 followed by a 6 digit echolink node number. If you have a 4 or 5 digit node add leading 0s to make it 6 digits.
To disconnect nodes type *1 followed by the node number for allstar and *13 followed by the 6 digit number for Echolink
If you connect to another node please disconnect when you have finished with it, this is of more importance if you are using a large network such as Hubnet or Freestar. If the node is left connected another Local QSO could be rebroadcast worldwide and cause disruption to other Hams.
Thank you